The MA Architecture + Urbanism course is the Manchester School of Architecture's taught postgraduate course which conducts research into how global cultural and economic forces influence contemporary cities. The design, functioning and future of urban situations is explored in written, drawn and modelled work which builds on the legacy of twentieth century urban theory and is directed towards the development of sustainable cities.

Sunday 16 February 2014

MA A+U London Visit

February 13 saw MA A+U brave the inclement weather to visit a couple of architectural exhibitions in London. Our first stop was to THE BRITS WHO BUILT THE MODERN WORLD at RIBA. Over lunch in Chinatown a variety of views were shared among the students

Meisoon thought the visit to 66 Portland Place was a long-awaited dream come true

Jason was very excited to see the model of KK 100 Tower in Shenzhen and get the bird's eye view

Aidin expected the exhibition to be more analytical and interactive

Joanne would have liked to see even more sketches and design process for the buildings

David was hoping to see more original drawings

Vincent thought the exhibition was good but smaller than he expected, and wanted to see more design in process

Reece observed that the exhibition wasn't as ego-inflating as he'd anticipated

Charles was very impressed with the Allies & Morison model of Beirut in the 'New British Works' exhibition

Our lunchtime stroll through John Nash's London culminated in a visit to the Royal Academy and our second exhibition

SENSING SPACES: ARCHITECTURE REIMAGINED which we all agreed was a stunning and engaging experience


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